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My better half's literary talent is presented for all to enjoy.
A unique, refreshing and participatory perspective of the Space Program by a kindred space spirit.

Greg invites you to explore these artists

Drew Vaupen is making his gift for comedy he entertained us with in grade school now really pay off! See his latest co-produced work, "Good Luck Charlie", on the Disney Channel.
I worked with David at my first startup on hard drive related case designs. Superb eye for industrial design and video production, amongst other artistic accomplishments and works.

Red Tabby Designs
Jan does meticulous original metal work and is also an excellent SQA Engineer to boot!

Patricia Belichick Graphic Designs
Patricia produced my business card for me as displayed on my home page and is a pleasure to collaborate with on branding and logos. Check out her website and portfolio.

Experts, products and services Greg highly recommends....

Hungarian Historian extraordinaire, Dr. Lynn.
Jon worked with me at my first startup and then broke free of tech to pursue a love of the vine. Just tasted their wine and it is excellent! Located in Lodi, land of the Zin.
The proprietor of this establishment is a metallic mastermind. Need that esoteric medical device or defense related part plated? Go see these folks.
These wonderful folks host my website and keep things running smoothly.
Tim is the SCSI wizard and his product is extremely versatile.
Michael is an expert in his field.
Paul Davis - No Small Plans
Paul was a first class coach with an inner spirit second to none. He will always be in my heart.
Linda and Joe provide no-nonsense advice and coaching that is firmly in touch with the market.


J Sarmento Photography
Jerry Sarmento captures the inner essence of his wild subjects as if he is communicating with them. Truly talented.

Jeff Cable captures action with an artistic eye, a flair for the "blur" combined with great stories. He was the team photographer for USA Olympic Hockey.

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